Project Overview

Wood species: Birch (perimeter) Cherry (island & pantry)
Finishing Applied: Ivory Glaze (perimeter) Autumn with Cocoa Glaze (island & pantry)
Door Style: Wellington with full overlay (perimeter) Tuscany with full overlay (island & pantry)
Countertop Material: Granite

The goal of this project was to update an outdated kitchen and to provide unity, both aesthetically and physically, between the kitchen and adjacent rooms of the home.  We reversed the orientation of the sink and range in order to open the wall between the kitchen and dining room and we replaced a peninsula with an island to create better flow within the space.  While the kitchen features ivory perimeter cabinets, we used a stained cherry for the island to match the new cabinetry in the pantry area.  This provides a continuity that we further promoted by widening the archway between the rooms and incorporating a new tile floor throughout.